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Domains for Sale
Boost Your Automotive Business with QR Code® Domains


The use of QR codes is exploding! This is your opportunity to be first in line and lock in ownership of registered domain names that will draw visitors to the web page of your choice. The QR codes may be placed on signs, stickers, posters, billboards, literature or vehicle wraps – you decide what’s best for YOUR business.

You are beginning to see QR Codes on light duty AND heavy duty fleet vehicles, municipal vehicles, tractor trailers, tradesmen trucks, etc. They are being used for both tracking and advertising purposes. Within a year or two, it will be rare to see a commercial vehicle that doesn’t have a QR Code prominently displayed.

Our company has reserved four of the most desirable website domain names for a business associated with automotive applications of QR Codes.


Buy Now - $995
Immediate acceptance of the offer

Minimum Offer - $495
Minimum starting bid

A business could build a fully functional dedicated website utilizing one of these domains for the home page or redirect these domains to an existing site. In either case, the increased visibility to search engines will be well worth the reasonable price of these domains.These domains are on the worldwide open market and could be claimed at any time.

QR Code® is a Registered Trademark of Denso Wave Incorporated.

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