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Gain Aftermarket AAPEX booth

There are a lot of moving parts to a trade show.

At which shows should you exhibit? How much space do you need? Should you rent, buy or build your structure?
GAIN Aftermarket has been there, done that. You can truly spend a fortune at one show. Let us help you maximize impact and ROI. Getting ready for a show? Download GAIN Aftermarket's Roadshow Roadmap here.

Edelbrock Gain Aftermarket AAPEX
Corteco magazine ad
Corteco AAPEX 2

Corteco Gaskets

Partnering with Edelbrock for an Engine Giveaway elevated Corteco Gaskets’ aftermarket profile and more than tripled web hits by technicians, engine enthusiasts and distributors. The prize drawing was performed by Vic Edelbrock at AAPEX for maximum publicity.

The campaign included full page ads in relevant trade publications, entry forms available at Jobbers and retail parts stores, email blasts and booth design.

gain aftermarket brake aapex booth
gain aftermarket aapex podium

Morse Automotive

At AAPEX, we took full advantage of the 20’ X 40’ space with a rotating, hanging sign, 4 custom product kiosks and full conference room, wrapped in graphics.

Corteco aapex ad gaskets
Magnum aapex booth 3
gain aftermarket aapex booth 4
aapex ad Gain Aftermarket

Magnum Gaskets

We made the most of this 20 X 20 island space with messaging facing all four access points. In keeping with its “Big” theme, a tall, well-lit logo sign was at maximum 20 foot height. This allowed for visibility at a distance. Giant metal gaskets were positioned on either side. Two separate seating areas, a secure storage closet, shelving for product display, and literature holders gave Magnum personnel the tools to impress buyers.

Advertising maintained the theme and look of the booth.

Digital banner ads brought online trade publication readers to the Magnum Gaskets site.

Print ads in aftermarket trade press consisted of half page spreads to maximize impact and budget.

Automotive Distributors aapex booth 5

Automotive Distributors, Inc.

ADI made a splash at AAPEX with this impactful 10 ft. display. Besides furniture rental, the entire structure was portable enough to be transported and assembled by ADI personnel, saving considerable freight and handling charges.

Calipers aapex booth 6

Morse Calipers

The company promoted its reman program with bigger-than-life product imagery in a 10 foot pop-up display with tension fabric graphic. The entire display fit in a case the size of a golf bag.

Alltech Automotive AAPEX booth

Alltech Automotive

GAIN Aftermarket recommended a turnkey rental package for this 20 X 20 space at AAPEX 2022. Artwork was supplied for a 15 ft backwall and 3 podiums. We also produced a 3 minute video that ran on a loop on 2 monitors. Graphics were stored for shipment to future shows across the US for identical setup.

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